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When a professional falls short of the duty of care, the aftermath can be financially devastating. Because of this, Millner and Knight handle all matters via no win no fee.

What is professional negligence?

Professional negligence is a term that basically refers to a professional person who provides unsatisfactory, unprofessional, or inaccurate services to their client. For instance, if your business incurs a huge financial loss after you took the advice of a financial advisor or another financial professional, then that professional has been negligent in their duty to serve you. As a result, you have the right to file a professional negligence claim against them. This claim can be applied to any number of professional people in various trades, including tax advisors, accountants, financial advisors, brokers, surveyors, lawyers, and so on.

Do you have a professional negligence claim?

You should not handle a professional negligence claim on your own. Our team of experienced negligence claim attorneys has assisted clients in recovering their losses for years. Here are some examples of losses that could entitle you to compensation:

  • The professional gives you inaccurate or wrong financial planning advice.
  • The professional gives you bad investment recommendations.
  • The professional gives bad or false legal advice.
  • The professional makes mistakes on purpose.
  • The professional gives bad financial advice pertaining to auditing, accounting, and taxation.
  • The professional gives bad advice pertaining to loan brokering or insurance brokering.

Every professional has a duty to care for their clients by giving them the best advice and recommendations possible. But if their advice is less than satisfactory and results in you suffering substantial financial loss, then you have the right to file a negligence claim against them.

The simple failure of a professional to demonstrate basic skills and expertise in their field could be a breach of their obligations and duties to you. Then you can seek compensation for this breach.

Does any of these situations apply to your experiences with a professional? If so, then you need to contact our professional negligence attorneys right away. We can fight on your behalf to seek the highest compensation possible. Our legal fees are quite flexible, so litigating your claim will not cost you as much as you think.

Different Kinds of Professional Negligence Claims

Professional negligence can arise in a number of professional service industries including;

Financial Advisors

You can make professional negligence claims against a financial advisor if they do the following:

  • Give you recommendations that are contrary to your own personal or financial interests.
  • Give you recommendations to invest in risky financial products.
  • Give you recommendations that are contrary to your goals and objectives.
  • Fail to apply the recommendations in which they gave to you and that you approved.
  • Conduct careless actions that cause you to suffer financially.

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 Professional negligence claims can apply to accountants who cause you or your business to suffer a financial loss after you take their advice. You can make professional negligence claims against accountants if they do the following:

  • Give you bad tax information or advice.
  • Failed to submit tax returns or financial statements.
  • Prepared inaccurate financial documents or statements.
  • Prepared an inaccurate financial analysis of your finances or business activities.
  • Failed to give you the right information about the taxes you would incur from a particular financial transaction.
  • Failed to conduct an accurate financial audit of your books or business.

Discover more about accountant negligence.


You can make professional negligence claims against attorneys if they do the following:

  • File a lawsuit against the wrong person or company.
  • Fails to act prior to the statutory limitation period of a claim.
  • Provided inaccurate or false communications.
  • Did not take the necessary actions to serve your interests fully.
  • Gave bad legal advice to you.
  • Did not receive instructions before acting.
  • Failure to have valid reasons for eliminating the retainer.
  • Did not draft a legal contract or document correctly.

Whichever type of professional person you need to file a negligence claim against, we have the right attorneys who can assist you.

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Do Not Wait

Every state has time restrictions as to when they can file a claim against a professional. If you wait until after the time limit to file a claim, then it will be denied by the judge. In most states, you have anywhere between 3 to 6 years from the date of the damage to file a claim and recover your losses.

We Can Help

It is not easy to handle a professional negligence claim on your own. You will need an experienced and highly skilled attorney on your side who specializes in these types of claims. Our legal team has spent years recovering losses for clients who’ve been wronged by professionals from virtually every industry. Let us do the same for you now.

No Upfront Legal Fees

Our attorneys do not charge any upfront legal fees. You will only pay our legal fees after we win your case for you. That should give you peace of mind knowing that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Where does the professional negligence compensation money come from?

There is something called “Professional Indemnity Insurance,” which is carried by every professional. The insurer of this policy will pay the professional negligence claim if they lose or settle the case.

What type of compensation should I seek?

 It depends on the level of financial loss you incurred and the level of negligent actions conducted by the professional. We will review the evidence and make this determination for you.

How long does the claim process take?

 There is no specific length of time for every case. However, the claim process doesn’t usually take more than two years after you’ve hired an attorney.

How much time do I have to file a professional negligence claim?

 It is always better to file a professional negligence claim sooner rather than later. You have six years from the time and date in which the professional failed to fulfil their duty of care and obligations to you. Contact our attorneys to see if you still have time left to file a claim.