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Amputation and loss of limb TPD claims

Detrimental cases where serious injuries lead to a loss of a limb can be traumatic and often requires huge lifestyle adjustments. The details of how you were injured is not a decision-maker as long as long is it’s not excluded by your policy. If faultless, our team of lawyers who specialise in injury compensation claims may also find you’re eligible for additional claims. Millner and Knight has a dedicated team of TPD lawyers in NSW who deal with amputation and loss of limb claims on a No Win No Charge basis.

Big adjustments are understandably undertaken with the prospect of amputation or loss of limb occurring. These changes can come at a significant cost including, physically, emotionally and financially. There may be a need for physical and mental rehabilitation, lifestyle changes and changes to relationships with family, friends and work.

Whether your injury occurred in a vehicle collision, workplace incident, or medical negligence or any other type of accident it instance, our friendly team can assist you and help you get the compensation you are entitled to. At Millner and Knight, our team can help you get these costs compensated. We offer a no upfront fee consultation with no commitment. Our specialists can provide a free, no-obligation consultation via phone or you can contact us online.

What can I claim?

Generally with TPD claims your payout is capped by your individual policy. However, these caps can be quite considerable. It’s not uncommon that claimants hold numerous policies valued at $250,000. So for example, if you hold 3 x $250,000 policies you could potentially be looking at a $750,000 payout. Cases that involve amputation and limb loss are complicated and delicate which requires a professional and experienced lawyer who specialises in these kinds of claims. Having an experienced lawyer by your side will be able to give you peace of mind and negotiate the compensation you deserve.

Some common things considered in general compensation claims include.

• Pain and Suffering
• Out of Pocket Expenses
• Loss of Earnings
• Cost of Medical
• Cost of Rehabilitation
• Equipment or modifications to the home

Although our lawyers have been triumphant in many amputation claims, we know that no amount of compensation can make up for what you had to endure. However, compensation and rehabilitation support can help in coping with your injuries. Early rehabilitation and ongoing support have shown to be a positive variable in recovery and the overall quality of lives of amputees.

How can I start my claim?

Not sure whether you are eligible to claim compensation? Call us, and we can assist you with your claim.