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Save for your retirement with BT Super and need to make a total and permanent disability claim? If so our national panel of compensation lawyers can help you make a successful lump sum claim.

Although TPD claims can be carried out nationally. Millner and Knight have specialists ready to serve you in the following locations.

If you are located out of the states above, don’t worry we can still help.

How to make a BT Super TPD claim?

There’s 2 ways you can make a claim with BT Super, either legally assisted (like most people) or DIY. The reason most people choose to hire a lawyer to help them is because insurance companies normally have a team of in house lawyers at their disposal who handle incoming claims.

Legally assisted TPD claims

Our superannuation lawyers can assist you with your dealings with the insurance company from initial contact to receiving your lump sum payout. Not only will they ensure you receive your entitlements in the quickest time possible they will also make sure you’re not caught out by miss leading small print or tricky questions.

For help with your matter call 1800 106 107 for free with no obligations or pressure to proceed.

How to make your own TPD Claim?

Making your own claim is possible

Step 1: Contact BT Super

If you are insured through BT Super, you should notify them as soon as possible regarding your potential claim. You must be aware that they are going to ask you a number of questions regarding your matter and it’s important to tell the truth. If at any stage during the call you feel uncomfortable or confused remember it’s your right to seek independent legal advice.
After your call you will be assigned a claims consultant who will manage your claim and they will also mail you a claims kit which you will need to complete and return along with any necessary information

Step 2: Collecting the necessary information

Information you may need to provide them with can include:
  • Details of your accident and injuries
  • medical certs and medical attendance statements
  • early release of superannuation certificates from your doctor
  • employer details and employment history including:
    • 12 months of employment records
    • Contact person(s) (usually your HR manager or supervisor)

Step 3: return your claims kit with the required information

Complete the forms in your claims kit ensuring where necessary forms have been completed by your doctor or medical professional. It’s important to read each form carefully as you may need to provide additional information or evidence.

Once complete return your claims kit to:

BT Life Claims
GPO Box 5467
Sydney NSW 2001

View on google maps.

Why choose Millner and Knight?

Dealing with insurance companies doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. When you choose to make a claim with Millner and Knight we’ll be right here with you every step of the way.

When you call us about yours or your loved ones potential TPD claim we promise to assess your case for free, provide you with impartial advice and never pressure you into moving forward. We extend all legal services via our panel of specialist leading law firms on a no win no fee basis so there’s no need to worry about being left with a hefty legal bill if your claim if your is not a successful one.

Call us today on 1800 106 107 for a free no obligation consultation and tomorrow could be one day closer to your compensation.