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Invest with Rest super and need to make a claim? If so our national panel of compensation lawyers can help you make a successful total and permanent disability claim.

Although TPD claims can be carried out nationally. Millner and Knight have specialists ready to serve you in the following locations.

If you are located out of the states above, don’t worry we can still help.

How to make a Rest Super TPD claim?

If you need to make a claim with Rest Super, you can either go down the legally assisted route (like most claimants) or make your own. The reason most claimants choose to get a lawyer involved is because insurance companies normally have a team of in house lawyers at their disposal to handle incoming claims and reduce or void payouts.

Legally assisted TPD claims

Millner and Knight have a panel of handpicked superannuation lawyers that can help you recover your full legal entitlements in the quickest time possible. Many of the people who contact us do so because they feel that their claim is being dragged out or it’s been blocked alltogether. If this is the case, please don’t worry as we will more than likely still be able to assist you.

Insurance companies are well known to use what some call tricky or dishonest tactics to block claims which are experts are used to dealing with on a daily basis.

How to make your own TPD Claim?

If you become totally and permanently disabled as a result of being sick or injured, the first step in making a claim with Rest Super is to gather up all the necessary evidence and documentation to support your claim and give them a call.

It’s a good idea to have handy:

  • Any medical certificates and attendance statements
  • early release of superannuation documents from a doctor
  • your Rest Super membership number
  • Your Last Day Actively at Work (LDAW)
  • The date you first sought medical attention for your condition
  • Details of your employer(s) up to 12 months prior to your LDAW including:
    • Contact person (usually your HR manager or supervisor)
    • telephone number
    • Head office or main place of business address
    • and company email.
Don’t worry if you can’t get all the information listed above as you may not need it all in the early stages of your claim. Learn more here.

Why Millner and Knight?

Millner and Knight are one of Australia’s largest and most trusted compensation companies and often help people when other law firms can’t. When you call us regarding your TPD claim we promise to assess your case for free, speak to you in a language you can understand and never pressure you into starting any proceedings.

We understand how an unexpected injury or illness, can impact a persons life as well as the lives of close friends and family members. We extend all legal services via our panel of specialist leading law firms on a no win no fee basis so there’s no need to worry about being left out of pocket if your claim is not successful.

Call us today on 1800 106 107 for a free no obligation consultation and tomorrow could be one day closer to your compensation.