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If you or a loved one has been catastrophically injured, our team could help you get the compensation you deserve. No matter where, when or how it happened, if you’re covered by a valid TPD policy, we’ll help you recover the largest amount possible.

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Common types of catastrophic injuries

An injury can change one’s life in the blink of an eye. An injury could mean a forced change of careers, modifications to your home, or ongoing care by professionals or loved ones.

If you suffered life-changing injuries due to negligence or via no fault of your own, you may also be eligible to a range of other claims besides a TPD.

Some life-changing injuries can include:

Your specialist will advise you of this during our no-obligation consultation.

How we assist you in making a life-changing injury tpd claim

Preparing documentation to begin a life-changing injury claim is not only time consuming, but fraught with mental trauma and reminders of the accident.

We can help you prepare your life-changing injury claim, from start to finish. We can help you put together information such as:

To find out if you are eligible for a life-changing injury claim, call one of our Melbourne based specialists for free today, or use our online form to request a callback.

Factoring in changes to your life

A life-changing injury can have immediate and long-term effects on how one lives life on a daily basis.

For example, your day may consist of travelling to hospital or specialist offices, modifications to your house (wheelchair ramps, handrails, etc.) or in-home counselling sessions by a trauma counsellor or psychologist. You may no longer be able to work your current job due to your injury, either temporarily or even permanently.

If you require a mobility aid such as a wheelchair or motorised scooter, this will also be part of your lawyer’s recommendations. You might need handrails and proximity sensors to open doors for you, for example.

If you have any questions regarding your immediate needs or want to find out where you stand following a life-changing injury, contact our lawyers free on and you will know exactly what’s involved. If you aren’t ready to proceed, there’s no pressure to make your