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Whether you’ve suffered serious vision impairment or have been blinded in an accident, we can help. Our expert lawyers can help with all types of claims including total and permanent disability claims.

Eye injury claims

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 73 in 100,000 Australians sustain eye injuries so severe they require hospitalisation. The most common cause of eye injury is the enmeshment of foreign objects due to a fall, assault, or transportation accident.

Personal injury lawyers have secured compensation for individuals injured in a wide range of circumstances, including (but not limited to):

  • Blunt force trauma (a hit or blow to the eye)
  • Fractures or breaks of the facial bones – such as the orbital bone (eye socket)
  • Scratches and abrasions – to the eyelids, or surface of the eye
  • Lacerations or cuts
  • Foreign bodies entering the eye – such as grit, wood splinters or metal filings
  • Chemical burns from contact with products containing irritants
  • Radiation burns – from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Medical negligence such as negligent diagnosis, treatment, surgical procedures, or post-surgery care resulting in eye injury, including post-laser eye correction (LASIK)

Your personal injury lawyer will arrange an independent medical assessment to establish the nature, severity and likely future impact of your injury. The medical report produced from this assessment will be a key piece of evidence in support of your compensation claim.

Common causes of eye injuries

The most common cause of eye injury claims we deal with, result from accidents in the workplace. Inadequate PPE is one of the main contributors and

Did your employer breach their duty of care towards you? Such as not providing you with protective goggles, your employer could be held liable.

Another common cause of eye injury is from faulty or defective products. If you have suffered an eye injury due to a defective product our specialist liability claims lawyers might be able to recover damages for you in the form of compensation.

Who is liable?

Depending on your situation you may have more than one claim. There is no need to prove liability in TPD claims. Keep reading below as you may also be eligible for additional claims.

Your lawyer will assist you in gathering evidence to determine who is legally responsible for your injury. In addition to the medical report, this evidence may include witness statements or surveillance footage of the accident.

The party responsible for the accident will usually be held liable to pay compensation. In the case of vehicle or road accident, the driver who caused the accident will be the party whom we shall seek compensation from, though the actual claim will be made against their insurance company.

If the accident was the result of a trip or slip claim on someone else’s property, such as a supermarket accident, the owner or operator of the premises could be held responsible for your injury due to the accident.

If you sustained an eye injury at work, your employer may be liable if your eye injury accident occurred in your workplace, under various state and federal Occupational Health & Safety statutes.

If your employer breaches the duty of care they owe to all their employees, such as by failing to provide protective goggles around dangerous areas such as machinery or chemical storage, your employer may be held liable.

Compensation provides restitution for eye injuries, which can impair your ability to work, conduct daily activities or resume the quality of life one is accustomed to.

You may start your claim even if you are not sure who is at fault.

Your lawyer will support you by gathering evidence to establish liability for your claim.

If you’re unsure who was at fault for your eye injury, call one of our specialists on 1800 106 107. Calls are free and confidential, and there’s no obligation to make a claim.

How much compensation can I get?

There is no one size fits all solution we can use when it comes to calculating your compensation.

The amount of compensation owed to plaintiffs depends on the severity of their injuries and the State in which they suffered them.

Some of the main things a solicitor will consider when negotiating your compensation will include.

  • Any time off work and lost earnings
  • Any future lost earnings
  • Any changes in your ability to work
  • Care or support, even if given to you for free by family or friends
  • Any adaptations you might need to your home or motor vehicle
  • Travel and accommodation expenses

At this stage it is impossible to give you an accurate estimation of what you could receive however, you can make your own assessment online, without having to speak to a lawyer using our compensation calculator.

What to do next

There are two ways you can start your eye injuries claim with us.

The first and easiest way to start is to call us for a free no-obligation consultation regarding your accident and injuries. When you call us we will match you with our most suitable lawyer that has experience handling claims like yours.

During your free consultation, the lawyer will be able to discuss your options, let you know your chances of success, give you an estimated compensation settlement amount and most importantly let you know if you qualify for no win-no payment.

Secondly, you can start your claim online and we will call you back.

However, you get in touch with us you will never be under any obligations and you won’t be pressured into starting a claim.