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We have lawyers throughout the country ready to help you make a claim. If you’ve suffered a leg injury that’s affecting your ability to work, we can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

What types of accidents cause leg injuries?

A leg injury, or injury to any part of the upper leg or thigh, lower leg or shin, knee, ankle or foot, is a common occurrence in Australia.

The most common types of injuries to the leg are sprains and strains, cuts and bruises, dislocation, and ruptures to tendons or muscles.

More serious injuries such as compound fractures or injuries requiring amputation are less common but have serious life-changing consequences for those who are afflicted with leg injuries. Impaired mobility may be temporary, or even permanent.

Our expert lawyers have assisted in claiming leg injury compensation for many Australians hurt in:

  • Road accidents
  • Public accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Slips trips and falls
  • Cases of medical negligence.

Injuries to the leg are notably common in accidents involving cars, if you have injured your leg through no fault of your own, we can help.

Please call our legally trained advisors today to receive free impartial advice about your accident.

We will answer all your questions and determine whether or not you have a claim.

Are you eligible to claim?

We recommend calling us so we can make a thorough determination as each and every policy differs from one another.

You may be entitled to compensation to cover:

  • loss of earnings while you are unable to work
  • loss of earnings if you are not able to work in the future
  • expected future medical care costs plus any which you have already incurred
  • travel costs and other expenses arising from the injury
  • damage to personal possessions
  • general pain and suffering including loss of mobility

We take great care in detailing your account and do so with empathy.

How much compensation can I get?

The amount of compensation owed to you for a no-fault accident will vary based on many variables.

The main two, however, is the severity of your injuries and your future lost earnings.

Although at this stage we can’t give you an exact figure on what you can achieve you can conduct your own assessment using our new injury compensation calculator.

Chances of success when claiming

Gathering as much evidence as possible to help your case is strongly recommended.

These are some of the steps your lawyer might suggest:

  • report the accident to a suitable person or authority, or make a police report
  • record the details of the accident where possible
  • gather names and addresses and/or contact details of witnesses
  • take photographs of the scene
  • measure any pits or defects before they are repaired

These pieces of evidence can help state your case for compensation.

What to do next

The fastest and easiest way to start your claim with us is to call our legal advisors for a free no obligation chat regarding your circumstances.

From there a lawyer who specialises in cases like yours and will assess your case on a no win, no worries basis and let you know whether your eligible for our No Win, No Lose guarantee.

So call us free on 1800 106 107 for a no-obligation conversation about your situation and to see if you have grounds for a claim or start your claim online.