Injured in a road accident that wasn’t your fault? Our lawyers can help you claim the compensation you deserve on a no win no pay basis

Each State has their own legislation, what applies to you in NSW, ACT and SA might not apply to you in other States.

If your motor vehicle accident took place in one of the States below, you can follow the link to a State specific page for the most relevant content

Can I make a claim?

If you’ve suffered an injury following a bus or coach crash then you’re more than likely entitled to compensation. Whether it was the driver’s fault or caused by another road user, we can help

Some of the most common bus or coach or coach accidents include:

  • Collisions with other motor vehicles (bus/coach driver at fault)
  • Collisions with other motor vehicles (Another road user at fault)
  • Pedestrian struck down by a bus/coach driver
  • Collison with a stationary object (Wall or tree)

If you need help or advice about making a bus or coach accident compensation claim call us free on 1800 106 107.

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How do I know who’s at fault?

Our Lawyers are experts when it comes to motor vehicle accident compensation claims so please don’t worry about finding out who was at fault for your accident. This is because it will be highly unlikely that you’re to blame as you were a passenger and not in control of the vehicle.

Our lawyers are well versed when it comes to dealing with the police, CTP insurance companies and organisations such as bus or coach companies.

They will determine who’s to blame and take the appropriate legal action against them just having the details of your bus or coach trip will be enough for our lawyers to commence legal proceedings.

Common injuries

The most common injuries we help passengers, pedestrians or other road users claim for include:

Please don’t worry if your injuries don’t feature in the list above as we can still probably help.

We can even help you if you had a slip, trip or fall, or if you were stood up and the driver slammed on the brakes or you fell whilst walking to or from your seat.

How much compensation can I get?

The amount of money you could be owed will depend on the severity of your injuries and the State in which the bus or coach accident took place.

Some of the main damages a motor vehicle accident lawyer will consider when negotiating your compensation will include.

  • Any time off work and lost earnings
  • Any future lost earnings
  • Any changes in your ability to work
  • Care or support, even if given to you for free by family or friends
  • Any adaptations you might need to your home or motor vehicle
  • Travel and accommodation expenses

Although at this stage we are unable to give you an exact value of what you might receive, you can try using our new compensation calculator to get a rough guide of how much you could be entitled to.

Our claims calculator is loaded with official accident data which you can use to make your own estimation.

No Win, No Lose lawyers

Millner and Knight handle all motor vehicle accident claims on No Win, No Fee basis.

When you make a claim with us, if for any reason your case is unsuccessful you won’t need to pay any of the legal costs.

Making a bus or coach compensation claim with us is truly risk-free. Win or lose you won’t be left out of pocket.

For more information regarding our guarantee please check out our dedicated “No Win, No Fee lawyers” page or click on one of the eligibility buttons to conduct a free online check.

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What to do next

To get the ball rolling with your claim you call one of our friendly customer service consultants for a free. We will then connect you with a compensation lawyer who has experience winning cases like yours for a free consultation.

They will let you know pretty much right away whether you can make a claim or not, then it’s up to you to decide whether claiming feels right for you or not.

Alternatively, you can continue to explore our website you educate yourself a little more regarding the claims process.