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At Millner and Knight, were proud to offer our no win no fee guarantee on all types of motor vehicle accidents to no-fault drivers, riders passengers and pedestrians.

The legislation regarding motor vehicle accidents varies throughout Australia. For this reason, we have created separate pages with specific legal information for each jurisdiction.

To speak to someone regarding your experience call 1800 106 107. We can quickly help you understand your rights and make you aware of any entitlements.

Making a no win no fee motor vehicle accident claim

Were here to make the process of making a claim as smooth as possible.

Report your motor vehicle accident

The first thing you must do is report your accident to your local police force and inform your CTP insurer as soon as practically possible after the accident. Whether that be the TAC, MAIB, SIRA, MAIC or ICWA. It’s important to tell the truth about what happened, assuming you’re not at fault, be careful of saying anything that might hold you liable for the accident. If you’re unsure or struggling to recall any aspects of the incident, don’t feel pressured into making something up to try and piece the story together.

Insurance companies are known for putting the pressure on drivers to say or answer questions which put them at fault. Even if you think the motor vehicle accident was your fault, in legal terms it may not have been.

Accidents happen fast and often involve numerous vehicle and drivers so it can be tremendously difficult to know what happened in clear and unambiguous terms when you have only seen it from your point of view.

Seek legal advice

Anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident should get legal advice. Regardless of the severity of your injury or the amount of losses you have incurred you may be eligible for a range of benefits including medical treatment, rehabilitation, support and compensation.

The road accident experts at Millner and Knight can quickly determine who was at fault, make you aware of any entitlements and let you know if you can make a no win no fee motor vehicle accident claim.

If you have a case and are ready to go ahead with it we can provide you with immediate legal representation anywhere in Australia.

Start your claim

Your legal representative will start by contacting the other party and providing them with details of your claim. You can speed up the process by helping him/her gather as much evidence as you can to support your claim. If your case has enough merit, negotiations will begin however, this is no overnight progress, motor accident claims can take anywhere from one to five years to settle. It all depends on the severity of your injuries, the complexity of the accident, how many people were involved.

What type of motor vehicle accidents can I get no win no fee for?

We offer our guarantee on all types of motor vehicle accident claims including but not excluding:

Please don’t worry if we have omitted to mention your accident or experience in the list above as we will likely still be able to help.

What next?

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