Learn how to make a CTP claim the correct way to ensure you or a loved one doesn’t lose their right to compensation after being injured in a crash.

Lodging a CTP claim

Anyone who has suffered injuries a no-fault road accident as a driver, passenger, pillion or pedestrian, will be eligible to make a CTP claim for compensation. In some states, even people at fault or partly at fault for the accident can claim too.

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Step 1 Report the crash

Regardless of the severity of your accident an injury, the first step in making a CTP claim is to report the crash to the relevant insurers and authorities. Because the process differs throughout Australia we have created state-specific instructions.

New South Wales

Depending on the nature of your accident the police may have already attended the scene.

  • If the police were present, all of the parties involved would have given their accounts to the police. Any information given at the time is recorded in an event report which you will need if you want to make a CTP claim. If the police didn’t provide you with one immediately afterwards you can obtain it by calling 131 444
  • If the police were not present the scene you should report the accident to the police as soon as practically possible and they will then provide you with an event number.

Our free CTP claim assessment service will help you to understand your entitlements and what you should expect to achieve. For free legal advice or help with the assessment and lodgement of your claim form, you can contact our team in Sydney on 02 9188 2023.


If the emergency services did not attend the scene:

  • If you haven’t already done so, and the police were not present at the scene you need to call the police as soon as practically possible to report your accident and obtain a claim number before calling the TAC.
  • If there was a police presence, call the TAC on 1300 654 329, you will need to provide them the claim number issued to you on the day or the attending officer’s name and station details.

We understand that dealing with insurers can be quite intimidating and you may be worried about making a mistake while lodging your claim that could impact your entitlements. If so please don’t stress, our team in Melbourne can review your claim and provide you with free and immediate legal advice.

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If you are injured in a crash in which the police did not attend you must:

  • Complete a Report of Traffic Incident to Police Form which you can download here and take it to your nearest police station
  • report to a police station, not to Policelink, to get all the necessary information you need for your claim
  • if you are unable to visit a police station you may post it to them

If you’ve had an accident it’s important to contact us on 07 2104 9341 as soon as possible. Insurance companies often try and encourage people to make their own CTP claims which can mean you get a significantly lesser payout than you’re entitled to.

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Western Australia

WA has an online reporting facility which provides information regarding your CTP claim to the WA police and the insurance commission.

  • Complete your online crash report here. You do not need any police reference details to complete your report.
  • Once you have reported an accident online, you do not need to report it again to the police.

Road accidents happen fast, often leaving victims hurt and in a deep state of shock. You may feel as if you were at fault when legally youre not. For this reason, anyone who’s been involved in a road accident should seek independent legal representation.

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South Australia

To make a report in SA you will need to know the number plate for the at-fault vehicle to find out who the CTP Insurer is.

  • You can find the insurer at EzyReg by checking the number plate and selecting the ‘Check registration expiry date’ option
  • Once you have the vehicle plate number you will need to lodge a claim form with the at-fault vehicle’s CTP Insurer.

Insurers often try to make victims of no-fault accidents an early offer, but it’s important to seek independent legal advice before you accept a settlement. Our legal team acting in Adelaide can assess your offer and reassess your claim to ensure you’re not being lowballed.

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Northern Territory

After an accident, report it to the police as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so, or if they were not in attendance. You will also need to obtain a claim form from the motor accidents compensation commission and submit it to TIO.

  • You can do this by calling TIO and asking them to mail one to you or download one here.
  • Claim forms are also available from your treating hospital Tasmania

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Australian Capital Territory

If you have been involved in a collision in the ACT you must by law report the incident to police within 24 hours. Once reported you will be provided with a collision report number that you will need to make a CTP claim.

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Regardless of the seriousness of the incident, if the police did not attend the scene of the accident you must report it with a police officer as soon as possible.

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