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How do I know if I have TPD insurance?

by adminFebruary 5, 2020


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The majority of Australians do not know they have TPD insurance until we help them find out.

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The experts in our TPD claims department can help you find out in minutes whether you have a policy or not. If you do have something in place, we can then work out whether or not it is valid, whether it covers the type of injury you have sustained and how much cover you have ie; how much can you claim? We can also let make you aware of the costs involved in claiming and whether or not you will need a lawyer to assist.

The number to call is 1800 106 107, all calls are free without any pressure to take things further

TPD insurance is usually located in your super

Knowing who your superannuation is with will sometimes give you a clue who your insurance is with. If you are a member of more than one super fund, you may have more than one insurance policy. This means that you can potentially make two separate insurance claims, one on each policy.

In one instance our legal panel helped someone track down two hidden insurance policies the claimant did not know they had.

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