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Here at Millner and Knight, we handle all claims on a no win-no lose basis, we will not take on a case if our lawyers do not think it will be successful.

After all, under the no win, no worries agreement, if a claim for accident compensation fails, like the claimant, the lawyer acting on your behalf will not get paid.

Unfortunately, occasionally a claim does fail to be successful, and in these situations, it’s essential that you understand what happens.

What happens if I lose my case?

If your case is not a success, you won’t receive any compensation no matter how severe your injuries were/are.

If your claim is lost, it is because the person that you are claiming compensation from has been deemed not at fault for the accident or your injuries.

This will mean that they are not required to pay you any damages.

Also, any expenses and costs you have accrued because of the accident or subsequent legal action will not be repaid. In addition, your Lawyer won’t be able to obtain his or her fees from the opposing side.

Will I need to pay any legal fees if I lose my case?

Use our free no obligation online calculator to find out how much injury compensation you could be owed.

If your claim for compensation turns out to be unsuccessful, your lawyer will not charge you any legal fees.

No win, no charge means just that. If you lose, your solicitor will waive any fees and costs.

Most of the time, our experienced solicitors will know if a case is going to be unsuccessful and may encourage you to withdraw your claim. However, occasionally things don’t always go as anticipated and some cases are unsuccessful.

If you are unsuccessful in a no win-no lose claim, you won’t have to pay your lawyer anything.

Visit our dedicated page for more information or call us free on 1800 106 107.

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