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General damages section 1 (g)

Broken pelvises are particularly common in high impact car and motor vehicle accidents. Often synonymous with other types of injuries such as broken legs or spinal fractures, a broken pelvis is considered quite serious. For this reason, the amount of compensation owed to plaintiffs may be more than for the hip alone. This page contains estimated general damage figures to get a ballpark settlement figure minus any lost earnings.

If you require an accurate estimation please call 1800 106 107.

How much compensation for a broken hip/pelvis in a car accident?

Section 1 (g) Injury type excl lost earnings
Broken hip/pelvis Minor $38,649
Moderate $80,509
Severe $160,998

Please note: The above table is not to be taken as a substitute for legal advice. Amounts shown include estimations for general damages excluding lost earnings. Compensation for lost earnings often exceeds six-figures, for this reason, your payout could be considerably more

How is compensation be calculated?

Each state in Australia has its own legislation regarding compensation however a legal representative will consider:

  • The severity of your broken hip/pelvis
  • your legal costs
  • past and future lost earnings
  • contributory negligence
  • success fees (which are mandatory in some states)
  • and the state your car accident took place

All of the things mentioned above are variables which will affect your final compensation amount.

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