Any person or persons involved in a car crash, whether they were driving, a passenger, a pedestrian, operator of a non-standard vehicle (bicycle, truck, etc.) will generally have 28 days to launch their car accident notification claim, while Personal Injury and Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident claims have a statute of limitations within six months of the incident.

These timeframes aren’t set in stone. In many cases, the court will grant an extension due to extenuating circumstances, such as grievous injuries or incapacitation.

The latter is for people whose injuries and recovery costs total or exceed $5,000 and is the result of another party’s negligence.

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The compensation is meted out by the negligent party’s insurance or the relevant CTP insurance commission such as the ICWA or Transport Accident Commission (TAC). If you were involved in a hit and run or in an accident with an uninsured driver, the relevant CTP insurance commission will provide compensation provided your claim is successful.

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