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Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

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    The legislation surrounding medical law varies throughout Australia. For this reason, we have created separate pages with specific legal information for each jurisdiction.

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    Wrongful cancer diagnosis

    Though it is not common knowledge that misdiagnosis or late diagnosis of cancer do happen more often than we think. It’s not easy to nail down figures as many hospitals or medical practices do not keep an active record for misdiagnosis. Also, misdiagnosed patients usually switch to another medical professional who helps them with a correct diagnosis, leaving the first doctor unaware of their mistake.

    We understand that receiving a cancer diagnosis is life-changing, and yet there are those who have been diagnosed with cancer incorrectly. The pain and suffering the individual, their loved ones and their friends go through is detrimental. A misdiagnosis can affect those by:

    • Unnecessary medical procedures
    • The psychological stress of terminal diagnosis
    • Painful symptoms to medical procedures
    • The emotional stress of leaving loved ones behind
    • PTSD
    • Unexpected death

    These are just a few examples of how your life can be affected by a cancer misdiagnosis or late diagnosis. Unfortunately, there are cases where someone is deemed healthy but in fact not, or someone diagnosed with cancer can be otherwise healthy. There are also cases where a diagnosis is made after years and years of pain and suffering.

    Our team of specialists have extensive experience in Medical Negligence cases and can help you get the tailored legal advice you need. Call Millner and Knight on 1800 106 107, or you can submit a call back request online.

    Wrong Diagnosis

    Unfortunately, there are cases where individuals have been diagnosed with cancer when they are in fact healthy. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and a second doctor has confirmed you do not have cancer, then you may be eligible to make a compensation claim for Medical Negligence.

    When claiming for compensation your lawyer can take into consideration the pain and suffering caused by a misdiagnosis. Claiming for unnecessary medical treatments or surgery, psychological impact and many factors can be considered when calculating your entitlements.

    At Millner and Knight, we can help you with a Medical Negligence lawyer who can help you get the legal assistance you need. We deal with wrong diagnosis claims for:

    • Breast Cancer
    • Melanoma
    • Cervical Cancer
    • Lung Cancer
    • Lymphoma

    And many others.

    Delayed Diagnosis

    It is understood that the earlier a cancer is found the easier to treat this cancer. When the cancer is detected determines what medical treatments is required. Early diagnosis means that medical treatments can be more effective and mortality rates can be lower. Failure to diagnose cancer in time can dramatically reduce the individual’s life expectancy.

    Factors that can contribute to a delayed diagnosis can stem from may negligent actions:

    • Failure to perform suitable diagnostic tests
    • Misinterpret test results and x-rays
    • Procedure performed inadequately
    • Malfunction of Technology
    • Failure to refer to correct medical specialist

    For a free consultation call Millner and Knight on 1800 106 107 or request a call back online. We are open Monday- Friday, 8am- 8pm. We have local personal injury lawyers throughout Australia.

    Late Diagnosis

    A cancer diagnosis can be life-changing and overwhelming for both the cancer sufferer and their friends and family. Finding out that the diagnosis could have been made earlier and pain could have been reduced or prevented altogether is inexcusable. Here at Millner and Knight, we can assist you with personal legal advice on without any out-of-pocket expenses.


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