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    Expert compensation lawyers servicing Perth and all surrounding locations throughout WA. Contact Millner and Knight on 08 6118 1673 to find out how we can make things right.

    Our compensation lawyers can help

    Our compensation lawyers are here to make life easier for you and your family when the unexpected happens. Every year we help countless people in Perth secure the best possible compensation and rehabilitation support they need to make a full recovery.

    Our team are determined to provide the necessary help and support to fully enforce your legal rights. We promise to speak to you in a language you understand and will never pressure you into making a claim.

    We can offer you the following no win no fee services in Perth to assist you in:

    If we have omitted to mention your situation in the list above, call us for instant clarification.

    Do I have a case?

    If you’ve been physically injured or suffered psychological harm, you may have a case. You may also have a case if you have incurred a substantial finacial loss. Unfortunately though, in most cases, if your injuries resulted from your own carelessness, you will not be entitled to compensation. Generally, the law in WA states that someone else, whether that be a person, business or Government entity must have been wholly or at least partly responsible for a case to have legal merit. That being said there are a number of exceptions. Furthermore, you may think that you were to blame for the accident which caused your injuries, but from a legal perspective, you were not.

    If you have a valid case, depending on your circumstances you may be entitled to a lump sum payout, weekly benefits or a combination of both.

    If a person has died or become seriously injured, a claim can sometimes be made by the dependent(s). Generally, a dependent is considered as a husband, wife, partner or child.

    With that in mind, if you are unsure about your rights and responsibilities feel free to give our expert team a call. Our Perth compensation lawyers have a deep understanding of local legislation and case law and have decades of experience helping plaintiffs achieve swift successful outcomes.

    How much compensation can you get?

    When it comes to estimating compensation thankfully there is no one size fits all because every case is unique. Though injuries tend to be similar peoples situations are not. For those reasons mentioned the compensation lawyers at Millner and knight go far beyond representing you as a claimant. We will truly get to know you so that we can thoroughly understand your losses and ensure you’re rightly compensated.

    The following factors will determine your final compensation award:

    • The extent of your injuries,
    • your age,
    • your occupation,
    • your overall health before you become injured,
    • your pre-injury lifestyle,
    • any unique elements in your particular circumstances
    • and the amount of experience and ability your compensation lawyer has in cases like yours

    Would you like to estimate your award online?

    About our experienced local team

    Our Perth compensation lawyers are experienced in dealing with all types of compensation ranging from small value claims to high value catastrophic and fatal accident claims. We are brave, bold, determined and passionate about justice, yet sensitive in our approach because we understand the pain and injustice you have likely endured.

    Compensation lawyers legal fees in Perth

    We believe that everyone has the right to legal representation regardless of whether or not they have the finances to pay for it. For this reason, our compensation lawyers off two types of fee arrangements.

    1. Self-funded/pay as you go, or
    2. conditional costs agreements/no win no fee

    Conditional cost agreements (CCA’s)

    A CCA is an agreement between you and your lawyer. If you win, you keep all your compensation minus any legal fees. If you lose, your costs get waived.

    Read full T’s and C’s here.

    Pay as you go

    If you have the capital available to fund your own claim, you can pay your own costs as you go. However, we must point out that with this option, you run the risk or paying the winning party’s costs if you lose.

    Learn more about pay as you go here.

    About our Perth office

    Millner and Knight’s head office is located in on Prowse Street in West Perth, which is where you will come through to when you contact us. Your call will be handled by our friendly customer support representatives who are backed by our leading compensation lawyers.

    Our lawyers work out of numerous locations in the City and can also pay you a visit at home if you are unable to travel.

    For help and advice tailored to your unique situation, please call 08 6118 1673.


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    Millner and Knight’s WA head office is located just opposite the beautiful Totterdell Park. You can find us on level 2 Kobold House, 12/17 Prowse Street West Perth, WA, 6005

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